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Malcolm-Jamal Warner

D.O.B. 1970-08-18 | Actor | Director
Best known for:
  • Theo Huxtable in The Cosby Show
  • Malcolm & Eddie
  • Reed Between The Lines


A Similar Story

While attending a Martin Luther King Jr Day Parade in Los Angeles, I met Theo Hugstable while talking to someone. He said the same thing to me that he said to that other person who posted earlier. He said, "If I gave you an autograph, I would have to do the same thing for everybody else here" and he walked away. I told a lady friend of mine this story and added, "He's THEO. Nobody is going to know him for anything other than that".

I later thought to myself, that guy owes his career to people like me who watched him on Bill Cosby's dumbass show in the 80's. And what is Theo Hugstable doing now? Nothing noteworthy, I can tell you that. To me, he's just another in a long line of human beings who think they're something just because they play a fictional human being on television.

It's very sad, just like Theo Hugstable.

Made Her Cry And Didn't Tip

They were all filming a movie (Tuskegee Airmen) and came in to eat at the restaurant I worked at several times. I saw MJM 3 times that I can recall and waited on him once. When I would come to the table to take orders, refill drinks, etc. he wouldn't speak to me. He would talk to one of his assistants and then the assistant would tell me what MJM wanted. And the way he did this made it seem like speaking to a waitress was just beneath him.
He expressed distaste for the menu, the food, the atmosphere, basically everything. He complained that people (customers) were ogling him even though I never saw anyone look his way. He also did not tip - he tipped none of the times he came into our restaurant and he treated all of us poorly.

The thing that makes me remember what an ass he was is that there was this little old lady that worked in the kitchen. She did prep work, her name was Betty, and she was very sweet. Though we had been instructed to treat all the actors like any other customers, Betty was a really big fan of Malcolm Jamal Warner and really wanted his autograph.

One night, she gathered up the courage to walk out to the dining area, up to his table, and politely told him she was a big fan and asked if she could have his autograph.

He told her no.

Not politely either. He said if he gave her one then he'd have to give everyone in the restaurant one. It's important to note that not one single person in the restaurant had appeared to even notice that Theo Huxtable was there, him being mobbed by crazed fans was just not even a remote possibility.

Anyway, she cried and he looked smug. We didn't treat him very well after that.

Biggest Ass

This is inline with my experience with Laurence Fishburne. I waited on him a few times during the filming of Tuskegee Airmen and he was fairly unpleasant.

Not as bad as Malcolm Jamal Warner, who is probably the biggest ass I've ever had to deal with, but still. Cuba Gooding Jr, on the other hand, is genuinely nice and very funny.