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James Hetfield

D.O.B. 1963-08-03 | Singer | Songwriter | Musician
Best known for:
  • Lead Vocalist in Metallica


The Worst C-nt I Have Met That Was A Celebrity

The worst c-nt I have met that was a celebrity was James Hetfield in Dublin. He was walking up Grafton street with hundreds of sychophants following their King.
I was walking down the opposite direction, and two girl friends of mine asked me earlier at home if I happened to bump into him could I get his autograph (it was a joke - I did not expect to meet him) : lo and behold here he is.

Anyhoo, I politly asked him to make 2 autographs out for my friends (I don't like Metallica so I didn't want one from the prick).
Talk about a hardship, he just kept walking, scrawled out his name and threw it at me, and turned to his legion of fans and said "That guy is such an asshole."

I didn't take it lying down, I'm a big guy and not afraid of this idiot - so I retorted: "Don't take your bad mood out on me just beacuse you're losing your hair, ya dumb f**K." He was gobsmacked.

Worst famous person I have ever met.