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John Mayer

D.O.B. 1977-10-16 | Singer | Songwriter | Musician
Best known for:
  • Your Body Is a Wonderland (Single)
  • Room for Squares (Album)
  • Heavier Things (Album)


John Mayer Grew Up In My Hometown.

We learned guitar from the same person. After John Mayer started getting some publicity and local fame, our teacher proudly put up a John Mayer poster in his practice room/office.

He was so proud of "Johnny," and talked about his progress while beaming at any opportunity. It was like his son had just graduated from Yale.

Anyway, one day, John comes in, sees the poster, and, long story short, tells THE MAN WHO TAUGHT HIM GUITAR that he can't use his face for advertisement without his permission, and threatens legal action.

Hanging Out With John Mayer In A Guitar Store

This is sort of hilarious depending on who I tell it to, but to this day it still pisses me off. Anyway...

I sometimes fill in shifts at a local guitar store. Most of the musicians who play in town usually come by and check out the store and hang out for a while because there's some fuckin sweet guitars there (Keith Richards is good buddies with the owner, Braid Paisley, Keith Urban, David Gilmour, Jack White, Buckcherry, etc.).

So one day I'm working and it's on the same day that John Mayer is playing a show. He comes in and we're talking and he's playing all the guitars like a kid in a candy store. I happen to be eating out of a box of Trix cereal behind the counter.

From what I've read about him online he apparently loves kids' cereal because he requests it from promoters in his dressing room wherever he plays. He asks me if he can have some so I say sure and put the box on the counter. He takes a couple handfulls as we're talking for a while. He gets up to leave and after I shake his hand he grabs the box of Trix and walks out the door. I was really enjoying that cereal. And then John Mayer fucking took it.