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Bill Cosby

D.O.B. 1937-07-12 | Actor | Author | Comedian | Producer
Best known for:
  • The Bill Cosby Show
  • Kids Say The Darnest Things
  • A Different World


Racist Pig

Cosby came to Harrah's Casino for a show in the early 2000's.

He was blatantly rude to all of the white staff. We had a few black staff working at the casino and he was more than friendly with them.

All employees were professional and pleasant towards him, however, if you're a non-black he either ignored you, made snappy demands (like refill his drink because it wasn't cold enough or he didn't like how the food was positioned on his plate).

Also, when asked if he wanted anything else he'd reply a firm "No," then wait till you were busy with another patron and then ask for more coffee.
After fetching his drink you'd ask, "Anything else I can bring you?"
Same thing.
He said no, then would ask for A1 sauce and once you brought it to him, he'd make you run and fetch another item, ONE thing at a time.

Then tip only 7% he's a racist p.o.s.

Refused To Talk To My Mom

My mom worked at the front desk of a small airport and one Time bill Cosby came by and refused to talk to her because she was white.

He went and found a black girl who worked with my mom and only talked to her.

Hugged Me

I met Bill in Philadelphia when I was 15 (he's a Temple Alum and I was visiting a friend there).

He asked what I planned to go to college for, I told him I wanted to be a teacher, and he said "That's good sweetheart, you're gonna change the world" and he hugged me.

Could have been cause there were people taking pictures, though.

Fuck Bill And His Jello.

When I worked at a casino during my college days Bill Cosby stayed there and acted like a complete asshole to everyone that had to run room service on him, including my ex.

The least nasty thing he did was not tip a soul, but he was pretty persistent in speaking down to everyone, snapping his fingers at people and also doing the finger jab into people's chests while he was giving 'instructions' on stupid shit like how he wanted his food arranged on his plates.

Fuck Bill and his jello.

My Grandfather Was On Airplane Several Years Ago Along With Cosby

My grandfather was on airplane several years ago along with Cosby. My grandfather wasn't too familiar with him and really could care less about celebrities and what not. Cosby was reading the New York Times and my grandfather politely asked him for the crossword puzzle if he didn't want it. Cosby gave him both the crossword puzzle and a huge "you are dirt" look. Bill's a dick.

My Mom Was Organizing A Book Signing For Bill Cosby

My mom was organizing a book signing for Bill Cosby and she messed up the scheduling so the fans arrived 30 minutes early. Cosby flipped out and started pointing at my mom saying, "THIS woman right here, she messed everything up! Blame her for your problems!"