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Lebron James

D.O.B. 1984-12-30 | Basketball Player
Best known for:
  • Small forward for Miami Heat
  • Cleveland Cavaliers


...and A Huge Shadow Appears Over Me

I was at a shoe store in cleveland about 4 years ago. . I think it was Finishline.
And I'm looking at the new Lebron shoes, (mind you that I'm only 18 at the time), and a huge shadow appears over me.
And i turn around, and it was Lebron fucking James standing there
He smiled and said "you want my new shoes"
I stumbled over my words for a few seconds then said yes I think I'm going to buy a pair right now.

He then asked me my size, went up to the front desk and bought me 2 pairs. 1 he signed, and he said the other was for me to practice my post moves in.
One of the best days of my life.