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Tony Blair

D.O.B. 1953-05-06 | Politician
Best known for:
  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • Leader of the Labour Party


Yeah, Everyone Says He's A Knob Anyway

When I was 14, I spent two weeks in Ankara with my best friend, whose father was the British ambassador to Turkey. Halfway through my visit the ambassador's household was all abuzz because the prime minister was coming. My friend and I were none too pleased about this though, because we had been planning a party for all the diplomats' children which we had to cancel in lieu of the PM's visit. Plus, I'm American and had only been living in the UK for five months at that point, so I didn't really care to know who the prime minister was or even what he looked like.

I was watching TV in one of the sitting rooms when a man walked in and started making smalltalk. He mentioned the party we were supposed to have and said it was a shame we had to cancel it. I replied, "Yeah, everyone says hes a knob anyway."
And that's how I met Tony Blair.