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Bill Russell

D.O.B. 1934-02-12 | Basketball | Author
Best known for:
  • Center for Boston Celtics
  • Player Coach for the Celtics
  • Gold Medal at 1956 Summer Olympics


Very Angry

I actually met Bill Russell a few days before they won the title (after game 2 or something) in Chicago @ my sister's (and his grandson's) college graduation. My brother and I confronted him and if he was Bill Russell. He said yes and was very angry and stormed off.


When the Celtics won their championship in 2008 me and my buddies decided to go into Boston and hang around the Garden. Bunch of police everywhere, managed to make our way into the Garden and as soon as I open the door, out steps Bill Russell from a side door. I was frozen. I was in front of all my friends so I had to say something before anyone else could. I blurted out the first thing that came to mind, "BILL! HOW DOES IT FEEL!?!" Looking back it was sort of a dumb question since the guy has won 11 fucking championships in his playing days.
But anyways, I was in shock, yelled out 'how does it feel?', I get a look of "Who the fuck is this kid?" He puts his head down and walks away. Never saying a word. I stood there in awe as he walked by me like I wasn't even there. My friends laughed their asses off