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D.O.B. 1960-05-10 | Singer | Musician | Humanitarian
Best known for:
  • U2
  • Product Red
  • Live 8


Backstage Security University Of Tennessee Knoxville 1983

During the J.Geils Centerfold tour U2 opened for J.Geils which was the headline act. The artists wanted to play to a small venue and requested to perform at the alumni gym on campus which seated about 400 people. U2 was the opening act.

That same night Rod Stewart was playing at the Knoxville Civic Center, a different location across town.
Aside from the drum set all of their instruments were missing and we thought they had been stolen. There was also no sight of the band. The crowd was getting rowdy screaming "U2, U2, U2!"
Showtime was 8:00 and it was 8:15 with no band in sight. Then running down the center aisle Bono in a white t-shirt and worn jeans comes up to me at the steps of the stage where I was stage security and said "I'm Bono we're the band"
I said "Great, but we think someone stole your instruments."
He laughed asked me what my name was and then said "Don't worry we were playing with our friend Rod at the Civic Center."

By then the rest of the band was with him each carrying their instruments. Seconds later he grabbed a mike and the band members hastily plugged in the instruments. Bono shouted "Are you ready??" and the crowd went nuts.

At the end of their stage show Bono sought me out and personally invited me as a guest on a house boat docked at the University of Tennessee boat dock.
He said Rod Stewart was meeting up with them there after his show. He had his security people write down my name and said "I hope you can join us".

Bono and the rest of the band were friendly and polite just normal people enjoying life. Obligations with the stage show prevented me from attending his invitation. I regret it to this day. The experience 29 years later is still a highlight in my life.
Thanks Bono for a great experience !!!!

Sent Over A Bottle Of Champagne

Bono and a friend of his come to a restaurant and some guy is sitting in their usual table. Bono asks if the guy can move, and he does. Bono and the friend send over a bottle of champagne as thanks.

As they are leaving, the guy asks Bono if he can get a photo with him. Bono agrees, and the guy gets Bono's friend to take the photo. Turns out Bonos friend was Bruce Springsteen, but the guy didn't recognise him.

Kissed Me Goodbye!

I met Bono when I was about 17 (a great story, too long and involved to go into any detail here) and he was lovely.

Really, truly lovely -- he took the time to talk at length (we hung out for about an hour in his hotel room), ask me questions about my life/political thoughts/etc., talk to me about what they were doing musically (he was actually describing the album that would become The Joshua Tree), etc.

The encounter was capped off by him walking me to the elevator and kissing me -- kissing! me! -- goodbye. So no matter how ridiculous he sometimes has gotten since then (and despite the fact I haven't bought a U2 record since Zooropa), I always remember how incredibly kind and respectful he was to me.

Took A Leak Next To Bono, We Whistled A Song Together

I was in a great little bar under the Pike Street Market in Seattle called "The Alibi Room" and was chilling in the lower level.
As often happens when drinking, I had to take a leak. So I'm standing there at the urinal whistling a tune and a guy comes up and uses the urinal next to me. He joins in whistling the same song. The guy code in these situations is that you don't look at the guy next to you while taking a leak but it's cool that the guy is doing this duet-type-thing with me. And plus, I'd had a few drinks and it was a good night. So I finish first and go to wash up, and the other guy finishes and comes to use the sink to wash up after me. I glance up, look in the mirror, and see that the other guy is Bono. I smile, he smiles back, and we both are still whistling that song (for the life of me I can't remember what it was). I leave the bathroom, find my friends and say, "I think I just took a leak next to Bono."
On the way out of the bar we had to go upstairs and, sure enough, sitting there is Bono and The Edge with some other people having a drink in this great little bar. The next day I found out that U2 was playing that night at the TacomaDome.