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Alfonso Ribeiro

D.O.B. 1971-09-21 | Actor | Dancer | Comedian | TV Host
Best known for:
  • Carlon in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
  • Catch 21


"This Is Bullshit"

Was high on ecstasy when I was about 21 in Las Vegas waiting in line to ride the rides on top of the Stratosphere when I hear some douche complaining about how "I paid twelve extra dollars to get ahead of ten people in line" and how "We should have stayed back at the hotel. We had bottles of liquor. This is bullshit".

Turned around to see who it was and it was Alfonso Ribeiro A.K.A Carlton Banks. Rode the elevator to the top with him and my friends asked for a picture and he just said "Hell no".

Needless to say my friend snapped one anyone just to piss him off. He sucked.

We Didn't Ask Him To Dance

I worked for a golf club where he was playing in a celebrity tournament, I got to go to the party at the local casino for them.

My brother and I hung out with him for a while and had a couple beers, once he was the one to get a round at the bar and bring it to us. He was very nice. A bit distracted after a couple beers, but just a normal guy.

My brother and I debated but in the end did not ask him to do the Carlton dance.

Our Slutty Friend

My friend got passes to a celebrity golf tournament and took me and our slutty friend. There was an open bar and hooters girls so we proceeded to get hammered.

We met lots of semi-celebrities but at the end of the day Alfonso Riberio (Carlton from the Fresh Prince) rolled up to the bar - he announced "I shot 14 over par so I need 14 shots!".
I was like "I like the cut of that mans jib" so we struck up conversation and taking shots.
The day is wearing on, and people are getting drunker - we got him to do the Carlton dance multiple times.

They were closing up the bar and I went outside for a smoke - Alfonso staggered up bit a box and was like "Look what I got!" - he had pilfered a bunch of booze from behind the bar. We staggered around the golf course for the next few hours drinking various boozes and my slutty friend ended up giving him a BJ in a bush.

She ended up leaving with him, and showed up the next day in a nice chauffeured sedan looking sheepish.

Good times