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Chris Martin

D.O.B. 1977-03-02 | Singer | Songwriter | Musician
Best known for:
  • Coldplay


Rembered My Name

Chris Martin is, hands down, the kindest most affable celebrity I've met. Most are stand-offish, some are dicks. Chris was a very nice guy and took the time to talk to me, telling off another celebrity for interrupting me. He remembered my name. I'm a huge nobody.

He may be ultra-rich, but people outwardly hate him in public. I can forgive the man for getting shitty on occasion.

Gave Me Some Drumsticks

I was at a public place around the time of the Parachutes tour in Sydney and I noticed Chris Martin in the city. I smiled and he noticed that I noticed and he came up, shock my hand and said "Hi, I'm Chris".

We chatted music for five minutes and I said I will see him at the show at the Horden Pavillon the next day. He noticed me front row centre that night and at the end came down and said thanks, and gave me and my friends a few drumsticks.

Nicest celebrity I have met.

Chris Martin Is A Dick.

I saw Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) at a nice restaurant on Darling Harbour here in Sydney. He came up to our table and abused my whole family (aunt and uncle, great-uncle, grandma, mum, brother, cousin visiting from Germany) for taking photos of him (we weren't, we were out with my Grandma to celebrate her 80th and were taking photos around the table of us all being out together).

We think he freaked out because he was eating with a woman who wasn't his wife.

So he comes up and starts ranting and swearing at us about how he just wants his privacy and how dare we think it's OK to photograph him without his permission. My mum and my great-uncle were like "..Who are you?", and he got more pissed off until the maitre'd came over and asked what the problem was.

He went back to his table, and we spoke with the maitre'd and said we were out celebrating an 80th, and were confused as to what this guy's problem was. So he went up and spoke with Mr Martin, who then came up and briefly apologised to us on his way out after finishing his meal.
At least he apologised.