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D.O.B. 1978-11-10 | DJ | Music Producer | Rapper
Best known for:
  • Decent Work For Decent Pay (Album)


I am a sound engineer and had to work with Diplo. Him and his entourage were complete assholes. They all had the "I just ate a pile of shit" look on their face, and made ridiculous demands.

They wanted girls from the very large audience to come up on stage and dance. Well that's fine and dandy.. but Diplo happens to be real attractive, so the girls went fucking crazy.. all of us engineers had to work as security too.

Plus they trashed our tent and backstage area... made us run and get them four different kinds of food. That day just sucked.

Crazy Dude

I've actually met Diplo twice. He's a bit of a crazy dude but he let my friends and I take photos with him and he's funny as fuck to talk to also.


I met in 2009, he was so nice. This is was in Singapore before he was known and he was playing with Aioki, which is who everyone was there for.

After his set he was signing autographs and NO ONE was there. So I went up to him just to say I was a fan and he was really nice and found me on twitter after a gave me a shout out.

Then these drunk girls ran up and pointed at him "Hey YOU'RE THAT OTHER DJ GUY" and he was like "I'M THE OTHER DJ GUY" right back, all excited. Then he signed shit for them, even though they didn't ask and or didn't know who he was. Didn't phase him, he seemed to enjoy it.

He seemed cool, bit creepy on the young girls, but cool.