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Bruce Campbell

D.O.B. 1958-06-22 | Actor | Author | Director | Producer | Writer
Best known for:
  • Evil Dead
  • Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
  • Cars 2
  • Burn Notice



Met Bruce Campbell at a signing of his book and he....
ah, who am I kidding.

He cracked jokes with me, chatted, as was as damn personable as you'd imagine him to be. A bit cheeky, but in just the way you'd want.

Lovely bloke.

Met Him Twice

I met him twice at book signings. No stories, but seriously he is the nicest and coolest dude. Just like how you'd imagine him.

Bit Awkward

I once went to a horror film convention and stayed at a really nice hotel because my friend worked there and hooked it up.

Bruce Campbell was at the convention and happened to be staying at my hotel. I was waiting on an elevator and whaddayaknow, Bruce was inside when the doors opened.
I awkwardly said "hello Mr. Campbell" and he said hey back. Then the elevator stopped and I got off, but he stayed on.

It was really confusing at the time until I noticed that I had gotten off on the 3rd floor instead of the lobby. Don't know why the elevator stopped there, but it sure made me feel stupid.

He Remembered My Name!

Bruce Campbell. I waited on him three times at a restaurant in Ashland, Oregon. The first time I was nervous as shit so I was very awkward with him. The second time, my coworker and I started drinking Irish coffees on the job and I began talking to him immediately.

Convo as follows:
(me taking order, take wife's order first, turn to Bruce): And for you, Bruce?
(this visibly surprise him, stutters his order, his wife chimes in): Now how did you know he was Bruce?
me: I'm kind of a big fan.
(Bruce takes off his glasses, puts out his hand): What's your name, son? I'm Bruce and this is Ida . . . sweet as apple cida
me: alrida

We continued talking about film school and such. The 3rd time I waited on him he remembered my name and it was awesome.
Hail the king!

Bruce Is A Cool Freaking Guy!

My dad was trying to meet up with Bruce Campbell in downtown Madison when he was in College. He was waiting by the door to the place where Bruce was doing some kind of exclusive signing deal, in direct sight of Bruce, and he couldn't get in because of the crowd/security. My old man, being a little immature made a bit of a ruckus, and was about to be escorted away. Bruce saw it and motioned that it was okay for him to come in. Once he got to the table to get his autograph he looked at Bruce and said (slightly paraphrased)

Dad: "Wow, Mr. Campbell thanks for letting me in, I love Evil Dead and thought you could sign my poster"
Bruce: "Haha kid, you know we're not signing posters... ah what he heck, alright give it here"
Dad: "You know, Sam Raimi must have some kind of thing for you, you're in all his movies"
Bruce: "Haha, I know, it worries me a little bit. And Here you go. Oh and kid, next time don't make such a seen"

My dad got the poster framed and mounted, with Bruce's signature. Bruce is a cool freaking guy!

I Witnessed Bruce Campbell Kick Open A Door.

Myself and two of my friends were going to attend a book signing/talk he did here in Buffalo a little over ten years ago. It was UB or Buff State.
We were late, and the powers that be, shut the doors on us. We were pretty upset. My one friend had the idea of going around to the side door of the theater by the stage, to see if maybe we could see anything.

We could barely see Bruce on the stage through the crack in the door. For a couple minutes, we took turns trying to see what was going on. This friend also had the brilliant idea of slipping some money through the crack, to see if anyone would maybe sneak us in. We were stupid teenagers.
We could hear laughter and then the money disappeared through the door. More laughter. My friend yelled at the door that his gas money for the week was now gone and tried to peek through the crack again.

All of a sudden, his eyes got really wide and he backed away from the door.
"Oh, shit!"
The door has just been kicked open by Bruce Fucking Campbell. We just stood there. Jaws completely dropped.
"If I let you three in, will you stop interrupting my show? Get in here"

I just kind of walked in. My two friends jumped up on the stage. Everyone was staring at was caught on film, as far as I recall.
He yelled at my two friends to "get the fuck off his stage." We sat down on the floor for the rest of it. It was pretty amazing.

When he was signing our stuff, he laughed at all of us and asked me what I was doing with the two "yahoos." He also told me he felt sorry for me. He was great.

Sadly, I lent that book to someone a few years later and never got it back. :( I hope to meet him again, someday. Even if I don't it's a great memory.

I hope this was coherent.

A Special Showing Of AoD

A relative of mine was falling asleep at a special showing of AoD. She was woken when the man behind her tapped her shoulder. It happened to be Bruce Campbell and he said "You really shouldn't fall asleep during my movie, this is the best part coming up."

He Signed His Autobiography For Me

Very nice guy. We had been waiting 3 hours to see him in line and he just pops in the back of the line yelling "Hey what's taking so long!? Oh I guess that's me. Well I'll do something about that! Sorry guys!" Totally cool guy. Huge smile and tall. I'm a tall guy and he was much taller than I.

"Yeah.. Me Too Kid."

I was on Bourbon Street in New Orleans with my brother and some friends, and my little brother points out a guy walking out of a bar with a few people in tow. He points and says "Isn't that the guy from Hercules (tv show starring Kevin Sorbo)?" I look over, and surely enough it is the one and only Bruce Campbell. I walk over his way and say "Loved you in the Evil Dead series." He points back at me and smiles and seriously says... "Yeah.. me too kid."

On The Set Of Spider-Man

I met him on the set of Spider-Man; he was a really nice guy. My friends and I were extras in the wrasslin' scene, and had to listen to Macho Man say "BOOONESAWWW IS REEEADDYYYY" about 800 times.

I met Bruce again a couple of years later at an event for Bubba Hotep and he was just as pleasant as before.