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Michael Phelps

D.O.B. 1985-06-30 | Swimmer
Best known for:
  • Most Olympic medals of all time


Immature Punk

During the swim trials in Omaha before the 2008 olympics, Phelps with Lockte and some other swimmers decided to drink at Ferralls Sports Bar near the Arena where the trials were held.

Busy Saturday night-most folks watching baseball and leaving the swim team alone-respectfully. Phelps finishes his beer and would yell across the bar at his waitress, "Yo, I need another....Now!"

The waitress let that one slide. About the 3rd time he demanded drinks, (it seemed like he was really trying hard to be a cool/funny bigshot in front of his teammates but coming off as VERY annoying and disrespectful. I mean, it was cringeworthy and uncomfortable.)

Anyway, the waitress firmly said with a smile: "I have other orders ahead of yours, I will get to you as soon as I take care of my other customers."

Michael got very quiet and you could tell he felt embarrassed- he was looking away and was fidgeting in his seat-not knowing what else to do. He never looked up or spoke to anyone after that besides the swimteam. They stayed for hours and got wasted.

Moody Micheal never lost the chip on his shoulder and when it was after last call, the swim guys were trying to get more drinks. Bartender said "No, we're closing now," and the guys and MP were going around the bar, finishing drinks left on tabels that customers left behind.
I mean, a lot of them were just a few drops of alcohol and juice etc. They were disgusting pigs.

Classlessand& untamed animals. Little boys who were rude and embarrassing themselves horribly. The staff literally had to follow them around the bar to shoo them out.

Phelps is still a d*ck, however he did come into the bar the next afternoon, (Sunday about 3pm) with a newspaper article about himself; sat down alone quietly drank two beers at the bar, apologized to the bartender for his behavior the night before and paid for his beers. Tab was about $7.50 he left a hundred dollar bill and walked out.

Very Snide

He made a very snide remark to a friend of mine and his girl at a Boston area restaurant when she accidentally bumped into him, legitimate accident. Something to the effect of her trying to get attention.

My friend is basically comically rich. He deceloped and sold two companies. He's the kind of rich you read about, self made, and worked his ass off. He doesn't really look it though and isn't very flashy.

My friend apparently replied (according to a 3rd party who was there) "You aren't as important as you think you are, and if I woke up with your money I'd be worried."

I guess Phelps was visibly pissed. Made me laugh when I heard it.