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Bruce Springsteen

D.O.B. 1949-09-23 | Singer | Songwriter | Musician
Best known for:
  • Born in the U.S.A.
  • Born to Run



Listen, I'm from Freehold, New Jersey. It's his hometown.
Bruce wants you to believe he is from Asbury Park because it will make him look more edgy, when in reality he just used to play a lot of shows over there.

I went to St. Rose of Lima Elementary school, the small town catholic school where Bruce caused lots of problems.
My principal had him (she was also a nun) and for some reason once he got famous gave her a black cat. My childhood was spent with a black cat roaming the halls. BECAUSE IT BELONGED TO BRUCE. So what I'm saying is I grew up among people who worshiped the man for no good reason but that he was filthy famous and from my hometown, but here is my story....

My mom and her friend were out a local bar in Woodbridge, New Jersey in the late 70's.
Bruce was there hanging with some friends, this is when he was first starting to really get noticed.
Anyways.. my mom's friend knew him.. and told him my friend wanted to meet her.. my mom comes back from the bathroom and Bruce is sitting in her seat saying "Hey, so you're the filthy whore who wants to meet me."

SO RANDOM AND DISGUSTING. I have plenty of stories about his son Evan as well, but that isn't really important.

Bad Dude.

Not Nice

I was walking down a street the other day and looked up and Bruce Springsteen was literally right next to me!!

He was not eating, not talking on the phone or otherwise engaged in a conversation. He appeared to be just shopping with two young guys (his sons?)

Anyway, I LOVE Bruce and my heart was beating. I did not want to bring attention to him or myself so I said to him "Are you who I think you are?"

He basically barked "No" at me and kind of shoved me away... :(

I was soooo disappointed and, frankly, appalled by his behavior. Really--is this how you treat a fan!! :(

Not nice--and I am SURE it was him as a few minutes later I saw all three of them getting in to a Black Range Rover with NJ plates!!

Really bummed out because I would have loved to just say "Hi" and give him a hug!!

I Think Springsteen Has Some Sort Of Incognito Magic.

Years ago, I was meeting my then-boyfriend at work (some Greenwich Village clothing store) and when I walked in he's talking to Bruce. They finish their conversation as I walk up, Bruce leaves.

I say to my boyfriend, 'I didn't know you knew Bruce Springsteen.' He says yeah, yeah I've told you about Bruce. I reply well yeah, but I didn't know it was Bruce Springsteen. He gets this confused look on his face and goes 'Oh wow. Yeah, it is.' He had no idea.