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Busta Rhymes

D.O.B. 1972-05-20 | Rapper | Producer | Actor
Best known for:
  • Anarchy
  • Genesis
  • The Big Bang

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He told me that the night before in the hotel (he got upgrades etc as he traveled constantly) some rude individuals came in and were being loud on the floor so he went out (in his boxers) and told them to shut up and that some people are trying to sleep. They told him to "Get his white MF'in ass back in his room" and he got into a verbal argument with them for a bit.

The next morning he was in the lobby with one of his younger co-workers who recognized them as people flooded these 2 in the lobby.
My dad asked who the hell they were and why they were so important as they were the morons from the night before who he confronted. The co-worker told them who they were and he called me to ask me if I'd ever heard of them and what jerks they were.

He also made note that they had several UGLY skeezy women with them.
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