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Busta Rhymes

D.O.B. 1972-05-20 | Rapper | Producer | Actor
Best known for:
  • Anarchy
  • Genesis
  • The Big Bang

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I Actually Have A Funny Busta Rhymes Story, Myself.

I work at a hotel in LA, and one of the dancers from his show was staying with us. I guess he was picking her up or something, because she comes walking into the hotel saying that Busta Rhymes slammed his hand in a car door outside.

I brought him an ice pack and then he provoked a fight with a couple other guests, "What the FUCK you lookin' at, you motherfucker!?" Guests went back into the hotel.

He told me appreciated my assistance, got in the car, drove away. One of the guests he provoked then proceeded to go on a racist tirade upon my entrance.
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