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D.O.B. 1974-06-13 | Comedian | Stun Performer | TV Personality
Best known for:
  • Jackass


Pretty Cool

I was in the Mirage hotel lobby in Las Vegas with a buddy of mine and we were waiting for some other friends to come down from their rooms. I wasn't even paying attention but all of a sudden my buddy says "Holy shit look who it is" and pulls me towards this guy that just walked by us with a hot chick on his side.

It was the one and only Steve-O. He looked like he was in a hurry so we both walked up to him and said "We hate to be those guys, but we really need a pic with you."
He's like "Ya cool" and takes my buddies camera and makes his "yeah dude I'm cool" tattoo smile and takes the perfect pic of us. We thank him and he walks off giving us a thumbs up. Nice guy.

Nicer Than I Thought

I've been a fan of Jackass for about 10 years or so, and I live in Sweden so I never once thought I'd be able to meet one of the guys EVER but when he was on one of his stand up shows tour or whatever you call it a couple of years ago - he actually came to Stockholm!! So me and my friend went, and he was so fucking funny...

Anyways, after the show we heard from one of the security guys that he was sitting down by the stage talking to some fans. So me and my friend said "fuck it, we have to go and say hi."
During the show he had done a trick by cutting his tongue with a piece of glass but it had gone wrong and his tongue was bleeding pretty bad, but he still sat there with a towel in his mouth doing his best to talk to us, take pictures and write autographs. Which I think was really nice of him to do.

I wish I could upload the picture......

Fuck That Guy.

I was living in Hollywood at the time and used to frequent the Rainbow Bar and Grill. One night I was at the outside bar and watched as Steve-O was all but dry-humping Lemmy from Motorhead's leg. Totally geeked out. Seeing that I had the thought, "wow, that's cool. This guys a household name and he still gets star-struck".

That thought lasted for about three seconds. At that point a younger bar patron, who obviously looked up to Steve-O walked up and anxiously waited for a chance to greet his hero. I watched as the kid worked up he courage to approach, him and- with a nervous waver in his voice- he started to introduce himself. He got as far as saying, "hey Steve-O! Hey man I just wanted to-" when Steve-O jumps up puts his hand to the kid's chest and just starts yelling at him, "Hey! Hey! Just step back man! Fucking chill out. Step off".

He then turned his back and started bothering Lemmy who, obviously irritated, silently stared down at his plate, trying to finish his meal. The kid just stood there, eyes watering up, awkwardly for a minute, not sure what to do before walking slowly away.

I've never lost so much respect for someone so quickly. The hypocrisy of treating your own fans like shit for nothing more than wanting to talk to you for a minute while doing the exact same thing.

Fuck that guy.