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Matt Dillon

D.O.B. 1964-02-18 | Actor | Director
Best known for:
  • You Me And Dupree
  • Crash
  • There's Something About Mary


My Boyfriend And I...

My boyfriend and I came out of the theater after watching Drugstore Cowboy starring Matt Dillon, and he's right outside walking with some guy.

I approached him and told him how good he was in that movie, even said that he finally made a good one after a couple of duds.

He was very pleasant, asked where I was from, chatted for a good 10, 15 min. He even asked what we were up to, and it felt for a sec as if he was going to ask a gay couple of complete strangers to him to join him to a party he was heading to... He was awesome!

Needs To Learn Some Common Courtesy

I was visiting a buddy of mine who worked in O.C. and we went out to some bar in L.A.

While we were waiting for the bartender, Matt Dillon came right up next to us, smiled, said, "Hey, guys", then flagged down the bartender by name, and ordered two beers for himself.

OK, fine, you know the bartender by name, you're a regular, you get served first. I'm fine with that, but common courtesy would be to point out these two other dudes that haven't been helped yet.
But still not a total ass, just lacking courtesy.

Until he got his beers. He started to turn away from the bar, but somebody smacked into him and the content of both mugs ended up all over my friend.

Dillon looked at him for a second, then started laughing hysterically. "Way to wear it, champ!" he said. Then he turned back to the bar, dumped the mugs and said "Gonna need two more, Skip... and charge 'em to this guy's tab, since he had my last two."

The bartender filled two more mugs and then gave my friend a towel and told him the next one was on the house.