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Michele Bachman

D.O.B. 1956-04-06 | Politician
Best known for:
  • Republican Candidate


Worked At A Hotel...

Worked at a hotel... a large number of U.S. Representatives stayed there for some sort of meeting. Michelle Bachman was a complete bitch.

The incident that stood out most was when she YELLED at one of our bellmen (a 78 year-old Army vet, Republican voter, and one of the hardest workers I've ever known) to GET OUT OF HER WAY. Mind you, he was pushing an overloaded cart full of luggage through the lobby BEFORE she even arrived.

So, struggling to hurry up to get out of the congresswoman's way, he accidentally knocks two pieces of luggage off the cart and they land on the floor. This was not Bachmann's luggage, but she then yelled at him again as if it were her luggage; something to the effect of "YOU DON'T TREAT PEOPLE'S STUFF LIKE THAT!"

She was just really ugly and demeaning in her tone, to a gentleman who probably would have voted for her crazy ass if she had made it far enough in the race. I also heard she was very rude and condescending to the housekeeping staff.

I'm not saying I've never dealt with shitty guests before and I'm not saying she was the worst. But I just thought it was really disgusting and sad the way she seemed to treat people, working folks who are just trying to earn a living.