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Charles Barkley

D.O.B. 1963-02-20 | Basketball | Analyst
Best known for:
  • Inside The NBA
  • Power Forward
  • Houston Rockets
  • Phoenix Suns


Incredibly Friendly!

I've met him before as well. My friend was one of the ball boys for the Rockets when he was playing here and also lived on the same street as him, so he introduced my friend and I.

He was incredibly friendly, appreciative of our fangirl love, and signed whatever we wanted.

The whole time all of this was going on, he was holding an 18 pack of beer in the middle of a convenience store. Really nice guy.

Super Nice Guy.

The Rockets were in the same hotel we were in after we got back from a wedding.

My buddy Mike, short, elfin, red head, was drunk as hell and went up to Barkley and thanked him, told him how much he admired him, etc.

Barkley said, "Thanks, my man. I appreciate that."

So we left, and we were leaving Mike turned around and said, "Take it easy Charles" and then walked right into the wall. Really hard.

Barkley got up, came over and said to me, "You're not driving are you? If you are, I'll get you a cab. If you get into a car, I'll kick your ass."

I assured Charles we had a room in the hotel.
Super nice guy.

Charles Barkley Called Me A Mother Fucker In Las Vegas.

We were out at a club and in walks Charles Barkley. Friend asks for a picture and we all kind of huddle together. Im right next to him and put my arm around him. He slaps it off and says, "Dont touch me, mother fucker."

Im not even gross, or anything. Charles Barkley is an asshole.
Fuck you, Charles Barkley.


I met Charles Barkley at a Sacramento airport. I walked over to him and said that I admired his ballplaying ability. He held his hand out expecting me to give him something to autograph. I shrugged at him and walked away and then ate a cinnibun. cinnibon. cinnabon. However you spell it.

I Don't Like Basketball

The summer before my senior year of high school I met Charles Barkley at an auto race in Birmingham Alabama. As we were posing for a photo he looked up at me and asked "how old are you, son?" I told him that I was 17, and he turned back toward the camera and said "you'd make a nice small forward somewhere."

I didn't have the heart to tell him that I'm 6'8" and don't like basketball

Seemed Nice To Me!

I used to work at a bar and before they closed we had salsa dancing during the week.
Charles Barkley actually made a few unscheduled appearances over the years. I didn't get to meet him and from what I heard he was the kindest celebrity to ever come in (maybe besides Ocho Cinco, Lisa Lamponelli was actually really nice too) but he danced with all the patrons (partner mixing is pretty big at salsa clubs) he took pictures with everyone.

"Heh! Fuckin' Kid!"

When I was 12 (c. 1991), I was walking through the Chicago Ohare airport when all of a sudden an enormous black man plowed through me and knocked me to the ground, sending my brand new gameboy and carrying case flying. The guy turned around, gave a "Heh! Fuckin' kid!" and then went back on his way.

Fuck you, Charles Barkley!