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Chris Bosh

D.O.B. 1984-03-24 | Basketball
Best known for:
  • Forward
  • Gerogia Tech


"This Is Bullshit, That Cable Is Too Fucking Expensive, Fuck You."

A couple years ago I was working at Best Buy in the video game section when in comes Chris Bosh and his entourage. Him and one of his buddies come straight up to me and he asks "Where are the HDMI cables?" I took him to the cable section and showed him the various cables we have. After I finish talking, I told him I was a big fan and thought he was a great basketball player. He then proceeded to pick up the cheapest Dynex HDMI cable available, pause to look at it for a second and then hand it to me saying "This is bullshit, that cable is too fucking expensive, fuck you." And walks out.