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Dane Cook

D.O.B. 1972-03-18 | Actor | Comedian
Best known for:
  • Retaliaion
  • Dane Cook: Vicious Circle
  • Good Luck Chuck
  • My Best Friend's Girl


Badass Dude

Saw him in New Orleans and the guy was so friendly. Saw some fans after the show and got out of the car to take pictures with all of us. About 15 people, I'd guess.

He was so nice and very happy to visit with his fans. And he thanked everyone for coming when we met him.

I Was A Runner For Dane Cook

Back in 05 or 06 when I was working for my college's event planning board, Dane Cook came to the campus for a huge comedy show and to film an episode of his HBO comedy show, Tourgasm. My job for the day was to be a runner, meaning I'd drive people wherever they needed to go. Usually that meant picking up lunches and buying guitar picks, but for the Tourgasm crew, it meant driving them up to lunch in Baltimore. I was actually pretty pumped, because (at the time) I was a fan, and (more importantly) the restaurant is pretty well known for serving delicious Maryland crabs. Dane's agent was a local and really wanted to go to this place, and Dane had been throwing a tantrum about it all morning--why couldn't we just get somethign close? What's so great about Maryland crabs? Waah waah waah.
We're in the car, and he starts up again, this time, laying in to me.
First, he criticized my driving (it was a huge 13 passenger van; cut me some slack), saying I was going too fast after complaining about how long the trip was taking. Then he asks me, how much longer until we get there. There was a little traffic, so I figured I'd exaggerate a bit and hopefully we'd get there sooner. I told him it'd be another 15-20 minutes, and he starts complaining again.
Finally I snap and say something like, 'you're the ones who wanted to go here. We'll get there when we get there.' They ended up airing that bit in the episode, and I haven't laughed at a Dane Cook joke since.