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Dave Grohl

D.O.B. 1969-01-14 | Singer | Musician | Songwriter
Best known for:
  • Foo Fighters
  • Nirvana
  • Them Crooked Vultures


He Was Even As Nice Now As He Was Back In 1991

I was at their show at Club BabyHead in Providence, R.I.

I kinda gravitated to the side and I saw Dave Grohl smoking a cigarette with a another dude so I kinda clammed for a second then walked over there.

They didn't have security so I started to talk to him and just about the tour, their next place etc
Then the door opened up and Kurt Cobain came to smoke Winston's and we all just talked about the show, where was good pizza and they even asked stuff about me.

It felt like the longest 10 mins but the best and they were both so nice and real. I didn't press them for anything.

Once the show started, me and my girl and 2 of my friends were very close to the band and when it was over, Dave came to us and gave me 2 original Nevermind tour shirts and Kurt and Krist signed them.
I got a few stickers too, but I haven't touched them and the shirts are still put away.

They signed some cool pictures and a day after Nevermind came out.

9/25/91. One of the best days of my life. Thanks guys!

LOVE This Man!

So this is a really short story but I won VIP tickets to the Them Crooked Vultures mini outdoor concert for Jimmy Kimmel. I'm a HUGE Queens of the Stone Age fan so I was really excited to see Josh Homme and Dave Grohl together (Dave plays drums for them on some of their albums.)

I was literally smack in the middle of the crowd, front row, perfectly in line with Dave's set.
I was so obviously drooling over Dave the entire time. I made eye contact with him more than a few times and I'm sure I blushed every time.

So finally I must have drooled one too many times and he looks at me and gives me a big smile and does the "meow" flirty cat scratch motion to me. (I don't know how else to explain it!) I FREAKED out, and spazzed out with my boyfriend next to me (who saw the whole thing) and Dave gets another big smile and starts laughing.
I'm really glad my boyfriend was with me because I don't think anyone would have believed that happened if I didn't have a witness.)

I know what a family man he is-- plus I'm not too much of a looker-- so I know he was just being nice to someone who was so clearly a fangirl.

Doubt he remembers but honestly one of my favorite memories in my entire life!

Dave Grohl Is An Awesome Man!

Dave Grohl is an awesome man! My dad took me to a festival last year where the Foo fighters were playing but he didn't fancy camping so we stayed in a hotel near the festival.

Turns out it was the same hotel that the Foos were staying at! Not only did we get to meet the band, but they sat and had a drink with us at the hotel bar.

DG was so friendly and seemed to actually take an interest in what we were saying. I don't think I've ever seen my dad any happier. Such a great guy!

Most Badass Dude

My cousin is the manager for the band Rise Against. One day in September they were opening for Foo Fighters. We got tickets and backstage passes. So after the show we went backstage and waited for about an hour until the guys from Foo came out and chatted to people.

We went over and finally got Dave Grohl's attention.
Dave. Fucking. Grohl.
He was probably one of the coolest guys I've met. We talked about the show and just music in general.

I eventually gave him a demo CD I had put together and he didn't shrug it off like I thought he would. I opened it up and read the song titles and everything and he seemed really interested. After, he wished me the best of luck with the cancer treatment I was about to undergo and it just seemed so sincere.

Most badass dude. Period.


I met Dave Grohl at the airport closest to my house, which happens to be the closest airport to his home town in Virginia, while I was picking my girlfriend up from the airport the summer of 2010.

Really nice guy, talked to me the entire walk from the terminal to his car, even kept talking to me once we had arrived at his car.

Unfortunately his driver was a little pushy, staring at me intensely the entire conversation and tried to get me to leave even though Dave just kept talking.

My Favorite Celebrity Nice Guy Story.

I grew up in Northern Va, where Dave Grohl is from. He was in town one day, at a Tower Records that my former manager worked at. Both of them being into the same music my manager told him about some new music and as he was ringing up Dave he started to give him a discount.

Dave noticed this and said "Whoa, dude, do you know who I am?"

My manager: "Uh, yeah."

Dave: "then you know I don't need a discount. Give it to those guys."

So my manager gave the discount to some other customers behind him in line

He Smiled At Me And Patted Me On The Shoulder.

I met Dave Grohl in the Denver International Airport.
I had just left a vacation in vegas, leaving early to catch The Foo Fighters play in Denver that night since my friend had extra tickets. I had just walked out of the airport bar to get piss when I see someone that looks exactly like Dave Grohl on an intersecting path with me. As I get closer I think, holy shit, that's Dave Grohl and basically stopped walking and stared at him. He smiled at me and patted me on the shoulder.

So I called my dad to tell him, since he's also a big fan and my dad says "Go get his autograph you jackass!", so I head over to baggage claim where it's just Dave and Taylor Hawkins, no security or anything. They're grabbing their own bags and saying hi to whoever recognizes them.

So I go up to Dave and I say "Hey i'm sorry for staring at you, I know you're a real person and everything." He said it was cool, and it happens a lot. So I ask to grab his autograph for my dad, and I ask for one last thing, a picture with him. He says of course and took my picture with him.
Dave Grohl is cool as fuck.

He Spoke To Our Moms!

While my friend and I were hanging out elsewhere before a Foo Fighters concert, our moms (also friends) were in the downtown area near where the arena was. It turns out our moms ran into Dave Grohl, who was walking around trying to find a nearby tattoo place, and my friend's mom recognised him. Apparently there was a relatively long conversation about Dave's mother, tattoos, and the town (as an offshoot of getting tattoo parlor directions). And then neither mom remembered to get an autograph or anything.

At the concert though, he announced my friend's name and said 'Your mom says hi, she's really nice'. My friend was very excited, and extremely confused.

However the fact that he spoke at length with our moms in a normal conversation just ensured we would like him forever, being nice enough to tolerate our moms.