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Dave Matthews

D.O.B. 1967-01-09 | Musician | Singer | Actor | Writer |
Best known for:
  • Dave Matthews Band


Nicer Than Close Friends Of Mine.

My girlfriend and I ran in to Dave Matthews before one of his concerts in PA. He was riding around on his bike. I knew it was him, but my girlfriend was not sure. We are both very big fans and we never met him before. I was afraid to possibly talk to him, as I didn't want him to be mean. That would ruin it for me.

I called his name. He turned his bike around. He rides over to us. He says, "I want to talk to you guys...if you have time, hang around in this spot while I go for a quick ride".

Dave litterally left for 20 minutes or so, and when we saw a bike coming back down the road again, we figured it was him. It was. And what does he do? He almost passes us, then realizes we were those same people he had spoken to earlier.

He turned his bike around, rode directly over to us, stabilized his bike, and spoke to us for almost 10 minutes and had nothing but nice things to say.

It was almost 100 degrees outside that day, he was sweating like crazy, but still found the time to talk to a couple of fans that didn't get in his face and freak out.

The first photo came out dark because of the sunlight, and he heard us say that, and said "Lets try somewhere different, like under this tree". He actually moved with us, asked us how it looked through the lens, and we took an even better photo.

He is a great man, and you can tell he appreciates people that respect him and not harrass him. But even those people showed up not long after noticing who was on that bike. He still took time to take a few photos, sign, and then say "Sorry all, I have to get going now". Thats all I have.

Oh, and the post saying that he wants to cover the screens is BS, as I have been to a million DMB shows and every single one had two video screens for people with far away seats. And I highly doubt he ever said for people to not look at him and stare at the floor.
I don't believe it.
Not just because i am a big fan, but more because i have also not mentioned that I have had the pleasure of meeting him several times before, and for everything I know about the man, there is no way he is like that.

I also went to school with his niece in PA, and she has nothing but great things to say about him, as well, and says if anything, he is really shy and respectful to his fans.

A Don't-you-fucking-talk-to-me-you-piece Of Shit Look

A few years ago I was playing a 9 hole golf course(Interbay) when I had heard that Dave Mathews was on the course, celebrating some kids birthday. Since I don't give a shit about Dave Mathews I played the rest of my round. As I am walking back to my car, I pass a group of kids using the putting green as a playground. I think to myself "ahh nice parenting, that is real respectful to other other golfers." I look to my left, and there is Dave Mathews giving me one of the dirtiest look I have ever received. I never bothered him, or his kids, but he was staring me down with that "don't-you-fucking-talk-to-me-you-piece of shit" look. Well guess what Dave, I don't want to talk to you, and keep your kids off the putting green.

I Guess You Didn't Like The Concert

My friends brother knew a venue owner and got free front row tickets to one of his concerts. He never really heard of Dave before (despite his immense popularity). Either way he goes back to his hotel he's staying at and decides to use the bathroom in the lobby. He goes to use the urinal and guess who is pissing right next to him. That's right Dave. "I guess you didn't like the concert" Dave said while laughing. Dave remembered this guy and then proceeded to invite him to hang out with him on the tour bus to meet and party a little with the band.

Dave Mathews Is An Asshole.

I worked at a concert venue. Not a direct confrontation per se, but Dave Mathews is an asshole. Sorry for anyone who likes him, but his concerts are the worst fucking thing ever.

First, he's so conceited that when he's walking around back stage, he tells staff supervisors that any staff members he walks by should turn their back and stare at the ground until he passes.

Second, the concert venue had big screens on the sides of the seats so people way in the back still had a semblance of a view. Dave Mathews required us to construct elaborate tarps hanging from the ceiling to block these, because he didn't want to look at himself while he was singing.

He Was Nice!

I met Dave Matthews when I was coming home to the US from Ireland. I saw him as we crossed customs. I approached him, asked him if he was Dave Matthews, and then asked him if I could take a picture of him. He said...only if you're in it. He took my phone and snapped a picture of us. He was nice!