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David Hasselhoff

D.O.B. 1952-07-17 | Actor | Singer | Producer
Best known for:
  • Baywatch
  • Knight Rider
  • Dancing With The Stars
  • Britain's Got Talent


Stole My Burger!

Was in Germany in 2010 and saw Hasselhoff in a local bar. He was drinking up a storm and I came in to grab a buger and a beer around 9pm

My food arrived and The Hoff appeared behind me demanding a bite of my burger. Lol. He appeared drunk so I just ignored him. Then he grabbed the burger out of my hand and started chowing down. What a fool!

He did throw $60 at me before walking away. That bought me a new burger.

I Ran Away Scared...

I once met David Hasselhoff at Rendono Beach when I was about 7-8 years old (so this was in the arc of his career in the mid-90s, plus my pop-culturally oblivious parents were the ones to spot him so you knew that meant this guy was primetime). I asked him for his autograph, and without skipping a beat or looking at me he said, "I'm playing with my children right now, beat it."
I stood there not sure how to react or what to do, and he looked at me and gave me this weird face like he just smelled the most rotten thing that could ever billow into the nostrils of a human being and yelled, "Fuck off you little shit!"
I ran away scared.


Sometime around the mid 80s when my dad was in the Navy we were on an airplane flying to Hawaii I think. Also on the plane was a married couple my parents were friends with, they were from Jersey. So while everyone is boarding David Hasselhoff comes walking down the isle and sits down next to our Jersey friends. The wife starts hyperventilating and stutters, "Schna.. Schna... Schn.... SCHNAPPER!" in her nasally Jersey accent. For those that don't know, The Hoff played Snapper on The Young and the Restless. Hasselhoff promptly requested a seat change. And yes, he was flying coach with the rest of us plebes.

Photo With Him

I was on a school trip to Costa Rica about 10 years ago and our tour guide took us to this restaurant in the middle of no where. By some cosmic series of events, David Hasselhoff and his family were there eating as well.

After a very awkward lunch where each of the students were very aware of who he was but reluctant to act on it, one of the adults went up and asked if we could take a picture with him. He obliged us.

I probably have the picture somewhere but I have no idea where any of those photos are.

"Such A Kind Man"

My grandfather lived in Germany for a while when he was in the RAF. Once when he was on vacation once he picked up a hitchhiker, who happened to be David Hasselhoff. He drove him about an hour out of his way because the Hoff was so nice.

Whenever I would go to my grandfathers house and watch TV and Hasselhoff happened to come on, he would say to my grandmother, "Honey look, it's David! I picked him up once and he was such a kind man."

Pretty Good Night At Work.

When I was cooking in a bar on graveyard shift a few years back, David Hasselhoff came in. He proceeded to play blackjack, got piss drunk, passed out in his chicken wings, then wrote the number for his personal driver on a napkin and asked me to call them to come get him. Two big guys walked in, picked the Hoff up by the back of his pants, with his arms around their shoulders and dragged him outside to a waiting car. As they left, the Hoff stopped them, reached into his sock and threw $200 on the bar. Pretty good night at work.