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David Schwimmer

D.O.B. 1966-11-02 | Actor | Director
Best known for:
  • Friends
  • Band Of Brothers
  • Director of Run Fatboy Run


No Autograph For You!

It was my friend's 40th birthday and we were eating out in LA.

His favorite gift was the giftset of "Friends" on DVD. David Schwimmer actually came into the restaurant for dinner so my friend asked him to autograph his DVD set. David was very nasty and said, "Dude, really?! back off" and walked away.

He was a total jerk.
Remember why you're famous.. because of your fans!!

He Broke My Dads Nose.

My dad got in a fist fight with David Schwimmer in middle school. He broke my dads nose.

I just read this on his wiki page haha
"Schwimmer admitted to being an outsider during his time at the school. Also a troublemaker and a bully, he did not fit in with the other kids."