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Dion Phaneuf

D.O.B. 1985-04-10 | Ice Hokey
Best known for:
  • Captain of Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Calgary Flames


Don't You Know Who I Am?

Not me, but an old coworker of mine had a near screaming match with Dion Phaneuf. She was working customer service and he came in being the asshole he is and she wasn't having ANY of it. He wanted to return a few items (one being an un-used lawnmower) and he believed he was above needing a receipt and she refused.

At one point he said "Don't you know who I am?" and she said "I don't care WHO you are. You can take your stuck up attitude and put it towards getting a Stanley Cup." was one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever witnessed in my life.

"I Play For The Flames You Know..."

He was hitting on my girlfriend at the bar, I laughed and said hi, making it clear I was with her, trying to make conversation. He doesn't even look at me, looks at my girlfriend and says "Wanna get out of here?" She says no. "I play for the flames you know... you ever heard of me?" Another random guy who had overheard everything says "Yeah your a fucking plug." Dion leaves. I became reasonably good friends with the guy who called him a plug though.