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Donald Sutherland

D.O.B. 1935-07-17 | Actor
Best known for:
  • The Dirty Dozen
  • MASH
  • Ordinary People
  • Klute


My Grandad Met Donald

My Grandad met Donald, this was about 30 years ago when Donald was promoting some movie in London. My Grandad, a very warm Country Bumpkin type, was working around the area for something and just happened to see Donald Sutherland at a Pub in the city. I think my Grandad recognised him and offered to buy him a drink, and Donald turned around, looked at my G'Dad like crap on his shoe, and said that 'You should turn around, walk away and talk to someone who gives a shit'.
My Grandad was one of the most conscientious and thoughtful people around who never said a bad word about anyone, but he spoke this story till he passed away, 14 years ago.

Whoopety Shit

I used to be with a European multinational that hosted lavish annual conventions where they'd bring in various celebs as after dinner speakers (and occasionally some really good entertainers).
Anyways I was at a black tie dinner at a Palm Springs resort one year and the senior Sutherland gave a little talk between the main course and dessert.

Later, as the coffee and liqueurs were being served I noticed no one at the table he was seated at was speaking to him and he was just sitting there, staring off into space. So I wandered over and said hello and told him we had a bit of a connection--his niece ****(Keifer's first cousin) was my lab partner when I was an undergrad back in Canada.

Sutherland responded by rolling his eyes and muttering something that sounded very much like "whoopety shit". As I walked away he went back into space staring mode ... and I no longer wondered why his dinner partners were ignoring him.