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Drew Barrymore

D.O.B. 1975-02-22 | Actress | Director | Model | Producer | Screenwriter
Best known for:
  • He's Just Not That Into You
  • Never Been Kissed
  • E.T.
  • Donnie Darko


Very Attractive

Met Drew Barrymore in Austin with Justin Long. She was very nice. And a lot more attractive in person (not that she's unattractive on screen).

I Didn't Realize!

I was working at a diner in Beverly Hills, right off of Rodeo Dr. (1998 or so), and it was dead. I was the only person there when a girl walked in wearing a fisherman's hat and bug-eyed glasses. Pretty cute too. Although, being 22 at the time, I was rather easily impressed by anything on legs.

She had a camera and was taking what seemed to be arty pictures of the place. I started asking about her day and stuff and made her a smoothie. I was throwing a little game but not hardcore or anything. She gave me a 10 on a four dollar smoothie and told me to keep the change. I told her she must be having a really great day and thanks and my name is artofstarving. She said nice to meet you, my name's Drew and took off her hat and glasses and sort of threw back her hair.

That's when the clues hit me. Blond girl in her mid-20's, in incognito mode. Name's Drew. Has a lot of cash. Looks and sounds just like that actress... oh shit!

At that point I made the quick decision not to admit I knew who she was and kept throwing my little game. Hope you come back some time and see us, I told her. I think I will, she said and smiled.

For the rest of the year I kept watching the door, waiting for that inevitable moment when Drew Berrymore will walk in and ask me to dinner so we could begin our torrid, passionate romance...
Didn't happen. She started dating that douche Tom Green shortly after. I kept serving tables. C'est la vie.

Talked To Me For An Hour, Hugged Me, And Bought Me A Coffee.

I was in an LA coffee shop when I got the call that my dog had been hit by a car. I went to the bathroom to cry it out (I was waiting for a ride) and Drew came in, saw me, and gave me the best talk. She was incredibly kind and very real. We hugged, we went back into the main area, she bought me a chai latte, and gave me her number and said to call her if I needed to talk again.