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Dwight Howard

D.O.B. 1985-12-08 | Basketball
Best known for:
  • Orlando Magic


Like A Normal Bro.

I worked at a Starbucks near where he lived (lives?) and he'd come in occasionally. He was always modest and genuinely polite. He seems totally unfazed by the whole celebrity thing and goes about his business like a normal bro.

Dwight Got The Swag.

My cousin lives in Orlando and was out with some friends right around the time Dwight got drafted.
They were near some fountain downtown and the girls see Dwight Howard and without recognizing him are like "HEY WILL YOU TAKE OUR PICTURE?"
He agrees and my cousin says to him "Hey Dwight I don't think they know who you are but thanks for taking the picture" and Dwight answers "Its okay I like white girls." Dwight got the swag.