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Eddie Murphy

D.O.B. 1961-04-03 | Actor | Director | Producer
Best known for:
  • Norbit
  • Dr. Dolittle
  • Shrek
  • Beverly Hills Cop
  • The Nutty Professor


Screamed At Us Until We Cried

I used to live in New York and when I was very young (5 I think) my best friend and I would be babysat together by either my mother, her mother, or a babysitter depending on their schedules.

My friend's mother ran a very fancy beauty parlor in uptown Manhattan and occasionally did make up for movies. She was working on a movie for Eddie Murphy and looking at her given schedule she saw a few times she was able to babysit us. One day Eddie Murphy decided to show up 4 hours late with no prior notice so my friend's mother was late getting to us and because it's so hard to find a decent babysitter in New York the one we had ditched us at the time they were supposed to.

We were left alone as young kids for 3 hours. That part of the story was relayed to me when I was older so I can't necessarily verify it but I have a very strong memory of the next part.

We had to be taken to the set since no other babysitters could be found. My friend and I were just playing around, being kids and not really bothering anyone, and Eddie Murphy screamed at us until we cried.
Then as we were leaving later that day I saw him screaming at kids who wanted his autograph.

He's a huge dick and to this day I refuse to endorse him.


My father was walking down a empty street one day and saw eddy murhpy. He went up to him to say hello but before he could, eddy cut him off and pushed him out the way. When he did that my father yelled out "you could at least say something!" but he just laughed and kept on going.