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Emeril Lagasse

D.O.B. 1959-10-15 | Chef | TV personality | Author
Best known for:
  • Emeril Green
  • Emeril Live
  • Essence of Emeril
  • Marlon the Gator in The Princess and the Frog


Emeril Is A Family Friend

Emeril is a family friend, his wife went to high school and played tennis with my aunt and I've never gotten the impression that he was anything other than a really great guy. Also, his son is so damn adorable.

"Watch Where You're Going, Asshole."

So my family and I were down in Orlando enjoying an family vacation. We ate at Emeril's restaurant on CityWalk on the way into Island of Adventure and we heard that Emiril was going to be doing a live show there that day. Many "Bam!" jokes are had and we finish up our meal (I got a shitty single serving pizza and it cost me $25) and head into the park. While walking around Toon Town my brother-in-law runs into someone and knocks them straight on their ass. He looks down and it's none other than Emeril Lagasse looking up at him. As my brother helps him up Emeril say "Watch where you're going, asshole." Almost instantly a little tram pulls up and Emeril and his bodyguards hop on and drive away.
To top it of the tram even played a song that sounds like it was almost sung by a cartoon character with the lyrics "Step Back, Step Back"

One Of The Most Embarrassing Moments Of My Life.

I met Emeril Lagasse. I saw him at a shopping mall for some kind of promotional thing he was doing there. I passed by and was looking at him and I ran straight into this big camera. It fell over and everybody just stared at me. Emeril came over and was really pissed, he was all red in the face and asked me why I ran into the camera. Nobody around seemed to notice he was being a huge douche. I told him it was an accident but he just told me to get out of there before I caused anymore trouble. Easily the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me. When I see him on TV it makes me cringe and I have to change the channel.

Short Story

I bag groceries at the Publix he shops at locally (He lives in Northwest Florida) I'm always very polite whenever he comes through my line but he always seems to be annoyed when people talk to him, he acts like a he's above all the employees too. Kind of a douche.