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Gary Busey

D.O.B. 1944-06-29 | Actor | Artist
Best known for:
  • The Buddy Holly Story
  • Law & Order
  • Predator 2
  • Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas


At Least As Crazy In Person As He Is In Movies.

I was enjoying a cig after a big Thanksgiving dinner, and Gary Busey pulled up to ask for directions. That was the day I realized that he's at least as crazy in person as he is in movies.
Really nice guy, though.

One Of The Most Traumatizing Moments Of My Life.

I was running late for work one morning in Boston, but obviously still had to get my Dunkin Donuts. I was standing in line debating breakfast sandwiches next to a guy who had come in from a door on the other side of the store.
A register opened up and I offered to let him go first. He replied "No, after you!" I was still unsure so I was like "Really, please go ahead, I don't know what I..." "I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING GO!"
And then I realized it was Gary Busey.
It was terrifying for anyone to yell at me like that, but if you know anything about him you can only imagine the nightmares that followed.

"Don't Fly Your Car, Man! WHOOOOOooooo!"

I used to live in LA, so I had a number of celebrity encounters, but by far the weirdest was when I had a conversation with Gary Busey while we were both stuck in traffic on Wilshire Boulevard.

My window was down. I pulled up behind a stopped car and noticed the car to my left had cigar smoke wafting out of it. I hear someone say "Don't you just want to grab a shotgun and clear all these fuckers out?" I turn and there, teeth gleaming, sitting in the passenger seat of a giant black sedan, is Gary Fucking Busey.
I'd been up since 4am that day so I was already really tired -- on the verge of asleep -- so to have Gary Busey start a conversation with me about LA traffic was surreal. I was not sure it was actually happening.

We chatted for a couple of minutes. I told him I'd just gotten my pilots license 3 hours earlier and he got really excited for me. "Congrats, man! That's fuckin' great!" It turned out his son had trained at the same flight school I had. When the light turned green his car pulled away and he stuck his arm out the window, pumping his fist with a giant thumbs up -- "Don't fly your car, man! WHOOOOOooooo!"
That was one weird fucking day.

And, yeah: after months of training to be a pilot, I finally got my license, and the first person I told was not any of my friends or my family or even my girlfriend. It was Gary Busey. Life is strange.

He'll Always Be Batshit Crazy To Me.

I ran into Gary Busey in Santa Monica, and when he heard I was from Chicago, he went into a 5min story about the time he pitched for the Chicago Cubs.

I guess he was in Rookie of the Year. He'll always be batshit crazy to me.

I Still Regret Not Asking If I Could Do A Bump With Him

One night in Vancouver, a couple friends and I went down to a sports club on Robson Street. Back then, Robson was more a place to grab a meal and do some shopping, not really a hotspot for watching boxing matches, so we thought it would be a good spot to catch Prince Hamid fight and still get good seats by a television.

It was an upstairs sports bar, and it was pretty quiet. Prince Hamid was getting tuned on. I went to the bathroom during one of the breaks and guess who is bumping lines right there on the on the sink but old Gary Busey. It was getting towards summer time, so it was still bright outside, about 7 or 8 at night, and Busey is just flying.
Hair all crazy, big smile, happy as a birthday. I didn't say anything to him but he was friendly to me, just talking about nothing. He talked a bit to my buddy later on, also in the bathroom, but I can't remember what my friend said they talked about (my buddy didn't even know who he was, just called him that crazy coked up guy).

I remember Busey was wearing a light but really bright blue shirt and that his smile was just out of control.

Funny thing was I saw him on television maybe six months later talking about about how he'd been clean and sober for 2 or 3 years. Yeah bud. I still regret not asking if I could do a bump with him. :(