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Henry Winkler

D.O.B. 1945-10-30 | Actor | Author | Director | Producer
Best known for:
  • The Fonz in Happy Days
  • Arrested Development
  • Little Nicky
  • Hank Zipzer books


Met Him In Hawaii

This was about ten years ago, but my mom and I ran into Henry Winkler at a shopping mall in Hawaii. He stopped and talked to us for a bit, and was a very nice guy.

When I admitted I didn't know who he was (I was about 9), he playfully did his signature Fonz, "Eyyy" for us. He was very down-to-earth...
I guess that's why I didn't realize how famous he was!

What A Kind Patient Man.

Henry did a signing at a local 50's style restaurant a la Happy Days two years ago. I live in a pretty rural area with tons of obnoxious rednecks, but Henry stayed for hours signing stuff and announced that he wouldn't leave until everyone got to meet him.

I was there for 3 hours and he was there long after I was gone. He signed my photo and shook my hand.

Great guy.

The Best.

I took him to his room on my first or second day working at the hotel and I was really nervous. In the elevator on the way up to his room, a lady asked her to wish her son (a baby?) happy birthday.

He instantly broke into song and made the whole PACKED elevator sing happy birthday to the baby. He was genuinely nice and listened to what you had to say as a person. He was calming on my first day too. Also a great tipper.

Got Creeped Out By The Fonz When I Was 10.

I was 10 years old and waiting in line to get some cream cheese for my bagel from a little food stand in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

A man approached me and began talking to me of course my STRANGER DANGER alarm went off. He asked if he should get a bagel too and i warily replied "If you like bagels..."
Luckily my mom was right behind me and the man began to talk to her as well. When he walked away my mom told me who he was. Henry Winkler.

The Coolest Tv Character Ever

A few months ago I met "The Fonz" (Henry Winkler) from the TV show "Happy Days". He was doing a book signing for his book series "Hank Zipzer". I talked to "The Fonz" for a bit and then later on I got a picture of him with my mom and aunt. Just before I left he kissed my cheek. It was kinda weird 'cause when I met him he was like in his 50's or something and I'm only a teenager but I kinda freaked out 'cause I was so starstruck (I love the show "Happy Days"). So yeah, that's my "I Met A Celebrity" story. I guess I also met an author 'cause Henry Winkler started out as an actor but now he's an author. (He's a pretty good author too).


I was at Miami International waiting for a connecting flight home.
I had a question for the lady at the counter so I walked up behind a man. He turned around and it was Henry Winkler! The Fonz himself.
I must have gotten all star struck because he smiled and went Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
He then gave me a signed business card for a new show of his and told me he wanted someone to come say hi because it was awkward being stared at.
I got my picture with him and then everyone came over to talk to him.
A real nice guy.