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Hilary Duff

D.O.B. 1987-09-28 | Actress | Singer
Best known for:
  • A Cincerella Story
  • Single "With Love"
  • Agent Cody Banks


At A Party

When I was in high school I went to a friend of a friend of a friend's party in LA. It was a standard party, BYOB etc..., but in a really nice neighborhood of LA. Anyway Hillary Duff shows up with a small entourage. I see this as my chance to never work a day in my life so I go up to her and try to start a convo. My opener was to ask for a cigarette, so she gave me a Parliament 100. After bullshitting for about two minutes I ask for her number, to which she obliged. Obviously it was a bogus number, but my friends and I got a kick out of it and would call it randomly when we were drunk for the next couple of weeks.

Pizza Place In Sacramento, CA.

It was the Warped Tour and Hillary Duff was on it. The night BEFORE the concert she and her posse (yes she had a posse) decided to stop into our restaurant. When I saw her outside, I immediately asked to be the person to take her order, even though I was a cook. The cashiers obliged.
So she walked in and I gave our usual greeting. She walked up, I explained the menu all courteous-like, and her group ordered. After everything was done, I asked, "And what name will be on the order?"

She just looked at me like I was fucking crazy. "Uhh, Hillary..."

"Is that two L's or just one?" "Only one..."

As I took her money and stuff, she asked, "Do you really not know who I am?"

"No, should I?" was my only reply.

She mentioned she was Hillary Duff and was on TV and actually playing at the concert the next night..
"Huh, that's strange." I said. Then I yelled to my friends in the back, "HEY GUYS! You ever heard of anybody named Hillary Duff?"

"Nope." "Naw." "Who?!"

It was classic. Not really a confrontation, but still fun in my mind.

Just know, she wasn't bitchy about it, at all. She shrugged it off, I made her food and she left without every getting uppity about it. She didn't care about it at all, which I thought was pretty stand-up of her.