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Isaac Hayes

D.O.B. 1942-08-20 | Actor | Musician | Singer | Songwriter | Voice Actor
Best known for:
  • Chef in South Park
  • "Soul Man"
  • Shaft Soundtrack
  • Hot Buttered Soul

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Perhaps The Highlight Of My Life

I worked backstage at Fair Saint Louis 2004 (just looked it up). I worked with the catering for the talent because my aunt was in charge of the backstage area. I met all six of the acts that worked backstage.

My interaction with Shaft was perhaps the highlight of my life. He complimented everything that we did. He struck up a conversation in the bathroom after another strategic "pee next to the famous guy" maneuver. But not while we were peeing because that would be a breach of man etiquette.

And then there was the show. He made sure that all of us sat in the front row, because he was generous as hell. The concert was great. He played the most sexual song I've ever heard first. It was like 12 minutes. Three bras were thrown on stage during that time. And then it started to rain. Which would be okay because he would play through it. But it shorted his keyboard with all of the pre-programmed keys. He didn't have a backup, so he played the two songs of his which didn't need his keyboard: Chocolate Salty Balls and the Theme from Shaft! Because he was the best. And may he rest in peace.
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